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New FDA Regulations on Cigarettes

By Tamara Shadday | June 22, 2010

A new law takes effect on June 22, 2010 which bans the selling of cigarettes which use the terms ‘light’ or ‘mild’. This was signed into law a year ago by President Obama. The purpose was to prevent cigarette companies from selling a dangerous product with the misleading terms ‘light’ and ‘mild’, which tricks the buyer into believing the cigarette they are smoking is less dangerous.

Many companies have just changed their wording from ‘light’ to ‘gold’. These brands include Marlboro.
The FDA is looking into this change in product name to determine if the cigarette companies are intentionally circumventing the law. The companies want to keep people smoking their products, even when they know it is still dangerous to their health.

In addition to this law, new regulations prohibit tobacco companies from sponsoring musical, athletic, or cultural events, as well as restricting their ability to provide free samples of their tobacco products.

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