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Lower Stress With Hypnosis and Reiki

By Tamara Shadday | March 15, 2011

In our society, we are bombarded by fast paced changes and many daily challenges. As a result our lives are full of stresses in our personal life and relationships, our careers, job settings and the demands on our time. In addition the current economic climate creates additional stresses such as those stresses related to being unemployed and being able to meet financial obligations to keep a home and paying for food, utilities.

It has long been known there is a direct relationship between people experiencing long-term stress, developing illnesses and having long recovery times from simple colds or injuries and worse.

Those who have learned to manage their stress levels are less prone to stress related illness and are able to recover much quicker. So, learning to manage your stress levels will effect how well your immune system keeps you healthy.

Hypnosis is an exceedingly effective method for managing emotional issues such as anxiousness, fear and physical and mental stress. Hypnosis helps to relax your mind and body by reducing the effects of the emotional stressors and allowing your mind and body to reset your stress levels to a more manageable state day to day.

Reiki is a spiritual, holistic therapy utilizing the universal life force energy. Reiki removes energy blockages and corrects the flow of energy through our bodies, bringing the body back into a more natural state of balance and harmony.

Hypno-Reiki blends these two amazing therapies. A Hypno-Reiki practioner actually studies techniques that can combine and enhance the spiritual practice of Reiki with the power of the subconscious mind and hypnosis. This combination is an extremely powerful healing process.

You can think of the deep relaxation of the physical body and mind through hypnosis as preparation for Reiki. Consider Reiki like a massage for the non-physical layers of your being (your aura). Reiki is often done without any physical touch. Most clients report feeling very relaxed after a Reiki session. Many report feeling increased calmness, reduction in stress, and diminishing the effects of pain or other symptoms.

A Hypno-Reiki healing session can induce an extremely deep state of relaxation – similar to a deep meditative state that would take years to master in traditional schools of meditation and yoga. Traditionally Reiki has been used as a pathway to spiritual growth.

Tamara is a Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Master at the St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center in Florida.

Lower Stress With Hypnosis and Reiki

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