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Can You Be Hypnotized?

By Tamara Shadday | May 26, 2010

Many people believe that they cannot be hypnotized. This is in part due to the “cluck like a chicken” portrayal of Hypnosis in Hollywood and on stage shows. Hypnosis has sometimes been portrayed as something magical or mystical and sometimes as a form of mind control.

However this is not true because most everyone can be hypnotized.

So what is required to ensure a successful hypnotic state?

* A Reasonable Level Of Intelligence

Any person with a reasonable intelligence level can be hypnotized. By this we mean anyone who can follow simple instructions.

* A level of Belief and Expectation

If a person has the belief that he/she can be hypnotized and the expectation that he/she will be – then that person will indeed achieve hypnosis every time.

* Who can & cannot be hypnotized?

Basically, if you can follow the language in which the suggestions are given, then you can enter a trance state. Extremely young children sometimes cannot be hypnotized because they cannot follow simple instructions or sit still long enough while being given instructions. Also, children are in hypnotic states already.

People who have a severe mental disability cannot be placed in a hypnotic state because they are not able to understand and apply the suggestions that are given.

Those who have a resistance to achieving a trance state will not be able to be hypnotized. Those fears need to be talked out with your hypnotist before proceeding. All hypnosis is a form of “self hypnosis”. You cannot be placed under a hypnotic state against your will – you are under your own control and able to choose to cooperate or not. It is your subconscious mind and it is you that decides if you want to be hypnotized.

If you are given a suggestion that you do not like or one that is against your moral beliefs you will not follow it. Indeed no matter what the suggestion is or how deep you may be in a hypnotic trance state, you always have the ability to not accept the suggestion. But while under hypnosis by your hypnotist you are given suggestions in regards to the changes that you want to make so it is in your best interest to cooperate.

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