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How to Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis


Hypnotic suggestion is easiest and in many cases the only way to stop smoking.  It is completely safe and medically approved.

Hypnosis is pleasant.  It is a stage of concentration like daydreaming, fascinated reading, absorption in music, or religious ceremony.

Your conscious mind or willpower is relatively weak.  It vacillates continuously.  It creates many excuses why you should not stop.  It says to you: “You’ve been smoking too long to stop, you deserve at least a small pleasure, you don’t really smoke so much, you’ll gain weight if you stop, you can cut down instead, you can switch to filter tips instead.  I’ve tried everything and can’t stop and so on and so.”

However your subconscious mind is strong it has a great ability to create.  It is the main stabilizing force you possess.  Once it is set on a certain course of action it rarely lets you very from it.  In order for you to stop smoking you must tap the great power of your subconscious mind.  You must convince it that you no longer smoke.  Back smoking is bad for you.  When you have done that you will stop.

The subconscious mind works at maintaining what you tell it you are.  If it thinks you’re a smoker because you tell it you smoke it will keep you smoking.  If you keep telling it that you’ve already quit eventually you will never have another cigarette.

The only truly effective way to reach your subconscious mind is through hypnosis and self hypnosis. Hypnosis is completely safe!

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