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Hypnosis Helps Greatly with Self Confidence and My Stress Level

Tamara is a very caring and competent hypnotist. You will enjoy and profit from her expertise. Hypnosis with her has made me more calmer, calmed my thoughts, reduced my stress and made me more self-confident.
William H.

Getting Thin with Hypnosis

Thank You Tamara!!
My wife and friends/customers have noticed a change already. I looked forward to our sessions and have already “shed” 8 lbs this month. I used hypnosis to lose weight 20+ years ago-so I knew it worked. The group sessions don’t allow for the kind of personalization that many of us need. I highly [...]

Immediate Results from Hypnosis

It was a complete pleasure working with Tamara, she set my mind and nerves at ease within moments. I am very happy with how things are working out from my hypnosis, seeing results immediately, she is truly gifted and I am so happy to have found her to help me.
Julie R.

How Hypnosis Can Help Chronic Back Pain

I had been having constant back pain for about 6 weeks. Had a session of Hypnotherapy and it hasn’t bothered me since. Felt really relaxed and calm.
Robert A.
St. Petersburg, FL

Smoker Stops After 24 Years of Smoking in One Hour With Hypnosis

Smoker Stops After 24 Years of Smoking in One Hour With Hypnosis
I smoked for over 24 years and tried to quit on my own; I was using the nicotine patch and the occasional Xanax but the urges were strong and Xanax made me tired. During my last attempt, I struggled for 2 weeks before calling [...]

Recommending Clearwater Hypnosis

Details of the Recommendation: “Tamara’s work is brilliant… I highly recommend her and Clearwater Hypnosis.”
Service Category: Hypnosis
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Laura Scott

I Quit Smoking Using Hypnosis

‚ÄúTammy was very professional and understanding. I appreciated the fact that she ran through a battery of questions and answers at the beginning and made sure that I understood what I should expect from our sessions. I stopped smoking at the beginning of April. It is now almost the end of June and I haven’t [...]

Hypnosis and Personal Change

Listen to this audio message on how hypnosis can help you with personal change.

Hypnosis Helped with Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Hear how hypnosis can help with sleep problems and anxiety:

Clearwater Weight Management

Tamara is a Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Weight Loss

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