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Hypno-Band Weight Loss Program
You may have heard about weight loss success stories and gastric band surgery. If you’ve wished there was a way to get the same results without surgery, you should consider the Hypno-Band Program, which achieves similar results. This program is perfect for people who do not want surgery, or who cannot have [...]

What is Virtual Gastric Band Surgery?

Video which explains the Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band Surgery is NOW available to Clearwater and local residents at the St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center in Florida
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Using Hypno-Band for Weight Management

Tired of Yo Yo Dieting The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System could change your life forever.
Imagine having the results usually achieved by having a surgical Gastric Band fitted without having to go through surgery, and spending thousands of dollars!
Gastric Band surgery is not for everyone, but the Hypno-Band can be for anyone with a BMI of [...]

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